How Much are They Charging for Twitter Management?

You may have seen the article on MediaBistro about the company that’s charging its clients $10,000 a month for Twitter management.  According to the company, they are turning away business because they are so busy they can’t take on more clients.  Don’t let this scare you off.  The companies that are hiring these consultants are Fortune 500 companies. For them, the $120,000 per year to retain this company is a small portion of their multimillion dollar advertising and marketing budgets.

This may cause you to wonder whether or not you can retain someone to help you with your marketing.  You may think that it has to be done in house, and you are dreading having to find the time to handle it.  You may be one of the two thirds of all small business owners who want to spend less, not more, time on marketing.

Well, there’s good news for you.  A $10,000 per month fee for Twitter management is an outlier.

Mack Collier has a great piece on the typical cost of various social media campaigns.  And these are much more affordable.

Typically, Twitter will cost you $500 to set up, and anywhere from $500 to $3,000 to maintain for you.  Obviously, the more you demand from your consultant, the more you’re going to pay.  Those numbers look a whole lot more manageable, don’t they?

Don’t let the outlier scare you away.

Virtually all businesses can find a consultant they can afford.

You didn’t go into business to do marketing.  Don’t force yourself to do it.


Tony is the founder of Bagheera Media. With decades of experience in media and advertising, he helps small business access expertise that's typically only available to larger companies. Contact him so he can be your personal guide through the media jungle!

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